Amendola Vs. Blades

Scott Amendola, drums
Wil Blades, organ and keyboards
Jeff Parker, guitar
Skerik, saxophone
Cyro Baptista, percussion
Rob Burger, keyboards

Royal Potato Family Released October 11th, 2019

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Adam Deitch Quartet

Adam Deitch, drums
John Scofield, guitar
Wil Blades, organ
Eric Benny Bloom, trumpet
Ryan Zoidis, sax

Golden Wolf Records

Released August 23, 2019

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Field Notes

Wil Blades

Wil Blades: Hammond B-3 Organ, Clavinet
Jeff Parker: Guitar
Simon Lott: Drums

Royal Potato Family
Released August 19, 2014

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Greatest Hits

Amendola Vs. Blades

Scott Amendola, drums
Wil Blades, organ and Clavinet

SAZi Records
Released October, 7th 2016

Track Listing

1. Lima Bean
2. Slow Zig
3. Addis
4. 32nd St.
5. Deep Eyes
6. Mae Mae
7. Oladipo

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Billy Martin and Wil Blades Duo

Billy Martin; Drums, percussion
Wil Blades; Hammond B-3 Organ, Clavinet

Amulet/Royal Potato Family
Released May 22, 2012

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Wil Blades

Wil Blades; Hammond B-3 Organ
Idris Muhammad; Drums
Will Bernard; Guitar
Dayna Stephens; Tenor sax
Gabe Eaton; Alto sax
Mike Rinta; Trombone

Doodlin' Records
Released Aug, 2007

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Baco Records

Released September, 21 2018

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It's About Time

Eddie Roberts' West Coast Sounds

Eddie Roberts; Guitar
Wil Blades; Hammond B-3 Organ, Clavinet
Jermal Watson; Drums
Joe Cohen; Sax
Mike Olmos; Trumpet

Tallest Man Records
Released Nov 13, 2012

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